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Passionately grown

“A near perfect product from the midwestern US”

Founder – Cactus Flower

Grown As It Should Be

The Great Story

Leading the way out of decades of energy and chemical dependent indoor growing operations, Cactus Flower returns marijuana cultivation to its agricultural roots. Cactus Flower returns to growing in its purest form – in the dirt and under the sun.

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Oklahoma Cultivation

The Cactus Farm products are expertly grown from seed in soil that is 100% custom-mixed onsite. Each and every flower arises from a plant that is slow-cured, and hand-trimmed. No pesticides or growth hormones are used in Cactus Flower’s product.

Lord Gregory – Master Grower

Setting A Sustainable Benchmark

meticulously grown from seed in soil 100% custom-mixed onsite
artesianally grown, slow-cured, and hand-trimmed plants
cultivating in its purest form – sustainably and environmentally sound