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About Cactus

The Great Story

Cactus Farm’s exceptional products set an environmental and social benchmark for this new marijuana industry. Cactus Farms aims to grow the purest, most natural product possible, and have it backed by Clean Green Certification. When you become part of the Cactus Flower family, rest assured that you’re part of the bigger picture… minimizing carbon footprint and treating our land, soil, and water with care for long-term sustainability in mind.

“A near perfect product from the midwestern US”

Founder – Cactus Farms

The Cactus Flower Experience

When you shop with us at Cactus Flower, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right strains and perfect products to best meet your needs and desires. The care we take in growing our flower and our exceptional customer service are just two reasons why people keep coming back to Cactus Flower. Experience the difference for yourself.